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Why I haven't received my order yet
You must check these things first :

Make sure you have paid .

TikTok account must be public.

Double check your link of video.

Please don't change TikTok username before order completion.

The TikTok account or post, still exists and has not been removed.

The video follows TikTok’s policies and has not been removed.

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How i can much can I submit orders in one go ?
- You can go to a price list and specify the plan you want.

- You can submit an order and then submit another order after.

- Please do not submit a request for the same link twice in a row, until you are sure that we have stopped providing you with views.
How many views can be sent ?
Currently we can send up to 1 million views
How many views can I get per day?
We can send up to a million views per day and some less times, it depends on the pressure on our servers.
Could there be a lack of views?
We have sent millions of views and maybe even more than a billion views to our customers and there has never been any shortage in the number of views and it is the best service we provide on our site.
When do you start sending views?
As soon as we confirm your payment, we will add your link in servers, but it is possible that sometimes we will not send views to some hours, depending on the pressure on the servers, But most of the time we start right away.
May I know which country the views are from?
It can't be determined at the moment.
Will sending a large number of views pose a risk to my account?
We have sent thousands of requests for views, and among them there were several requests that exceeded a million views, and none of our clients had ever been banned.