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Note ; Please read carefully this information before purchasing : 

*These services are intended for those who resell services.

*You can contact us when purchasing a service :

insatgram :

or WhatsApp : +213542810112

*Warranty for these services: 30 days, which means we will not send any compensation after this period has passed.

*This quantity can be divided into several publications, for example, when buying 200k likes, it can be divided into a large number of publications, to make it more clear when buying 200k likes and you requesting to send 1200 likes to one of the publications, this means that you stay have 198800 likes left. This applies to the rest of the services.

*For example, when you purchase the service on April 1st, you must finish all the quantity within the 30 day. For example, if you bought 15 million views, and after 30 days have only consumed 12 million views, this means that we do not have the right to send the remaining 3 million views because the offer validity has expired and you must buy again.
The reason is that it is only valid for 30 days, because there are server updates every 30 days and price changes can occur if there are changes in the platforms.

*When you buy 500k save posts for $59.99 this means that the price of 1000 save is only $ 0.12 .
*When you buy 200k Likes for $119.99 this means that the price of 1000 Likes is only $ 0.59$ .
*When you buy 1M impression+reach for $199.99$ this means that the price of 1000 *impression+reach is only $ 0.20$ .
*When you buy 1M Story Views for $199.99$ this means that the price of 1000 Story Views is only $ 0.20$ .
*When you buy 300K Followers for $249.99$ this means that the price of 1000 followers is only $ 0.83$ .
*When you buy 15M reel/Igtv views for $150.00$ this means that the price of 1000 reel/Igtv views is only $ 0.10$ .

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