Frequently Asked Questions

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Why I haven\'t received my order yet

You must check these things first :

  • Make sure you have paid .
  • Instagram or TikTok account must be public.
  • Double check your Instagram or Tiktok username or link of photo or video.
  • Please don't change Instagram or Tiktok username before order completion.
  • The Instagram, Tiktok account or post, still exists and has not been removed.
  • The video follows Instagram’s or Tiktok policies and has not been removed.
  • We start your order from 1 to 14 hours

If you need help , you can contact us for free by email : [email protected] - or contact us

Why are some of my followers unfollow me?

We are sending real followers, so there is a very small category that unfollow you
Don't worry, If you experience any followers drop within first 30 days of your purchase, we will offer you a free refill. Just send us a refill request using our contact us page or by email : [email protected]

How i can much can I submit orders in one go ?

- You can go to a price list and specify the plan you want.
- You can submit an order and then submit another order after.

- Please do not submit a request for the same link twice in a row, until you are sure that we have stopped providing you with followers, views,likes, story views , save post or comments.

Why buy from us ?

We offer the best prices and the best quality with great and fast support, and we also have a 30-day guarantee for most services.

What services do we provide?

Currently we offer a large number of services and this is the list :

1- Instagram followers

2- Instagram Likes

3- Instagram views igtv

4- Instagram views reel

5- Instagram comments

6- Instagram story views

7- Instagram save post

8- Instagram services target country

9- Tiktok followers

10- Tiktok likes

11- Tiktok views

12- Youtube Views